Discover Madrid in 2 days

Capital of Spain and commonly known as Villa y Corte, Madrid is the largest city in the country and the second in the European Union, with a population of more than 3 millions of inhabitants. As capital of Spain, Madrid has the seat of the Government, the Cortes and is also the official residence of the Kings of Spain. On the economic plane, Madrid houses the headquarters of a large part of the national and international companies. In the cultural, Madrid has world-famous museums such as the Prado Museum and the Reina Sofía Museum.

  1. Sun Gate
    Address: Puerta del Sol Square, Madrid
  2. Main Square
    Address: Main Square, 28012 Madrid
  3. The Latina
    Address: La Latina neighborhood, 28005 Madrid

Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor are icons of the history of Madrid and are located in the most central part of the Community of Madrid, so they will be our first goals. We will depart from Sun Gate (1), the most popular starting point for tourists, and we will walk along its long avenue. In that journey, you can not miss knowing the kilometer 0, the place where national highways converge, the statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree (monument much loved by the people of Madrid and symbol of their provincial coat of arms) and the iconic Post Office clock, where every New Year's Eve all Spaniards (in situ or transferred by television) They watch as their chimes start a new year.

After, we will continue our way through the Calle Mayor, one of the main roads that will take us to the Main Square (2), where you can visit the old Arrabal, visit shops and have a snack on site to celebrate this special occasion. Then, we will cross the tunnel of the Plaza Mayor that leads to Toledo street, start of one of the most historic and lively Madrid neighborhoods, The Latina (3). The rest of the time will consist of a pleasant walk in your area, where we will soak up culture, colorful shops and squares.

  1. Almudena Cathedral
    Address: Bailén street, 10, 28013 Madrid
    Visiting hours and masses
  2. Madrid's royal palace
    Address: Bailén street, s/n, 28071 Madrid (It is accessed by the Almudena esplanade, except groups that enter from Requena street)
    Visiting hours and prices
  3. Plaza Spain
    Address: Spain Square, 28008 Madrid

We will leave from Puerta del Sol as a point of reference and we will move along Calle Mayor as we started the day before. But this time we will finish traveling until we reach the Almudena Cathedral (1), where we will enjoy its neo-gothic architecture and visit its interior.

Once we finish this first part, We will start walking towards the north of the map on Bailén Street, where a few meters we will meet him Madrid's royal palace (2). It is necessary to reserve a day expressly to discover its immense wonders and gardens that surround it.

After the tour, We will continue going up Bailén street and in several minutes we will arrive at Plaza Spain (3), where you can enjoy a long avenue with natural scenery and rest watching the imposing statue of Cervantes, before taking the road back.